Halftone: Concept Art

The concept art of my webcomic Halftone, for the characters Calvin Alcheri, Izumi Kuzunoha, and Arthur Bohler. From development to final favorites!

The earliest designs for "Zen Detective" Calvin Alcheri were hard to pin down-- I wanted him to look like a hard-boiled detective, someone who you'd expect to see in a Film Noir movie smoking and drinking himself to death. I also wanted him to have something to tie him to his wife, a yoga instructor.
For whatever reason, I had settled on the hat and scarf for a while, but it never quite looked 'right' to me. And not just because I'm still getting used to drawing hats.
Eventually, I decided to nix the hat and scarf and go with this design, though he ditches the cigarettes very early on, and his holster has yet to be visible.
The "Selfiecop" Izumi Kuzunoha had a somewhat adventurous run of hair styles. I decided immediately that I wanted to give her an Enso tattoo (which remains to this day in the comic), but while I'd decided I wanted her to have other tattoos, it took a while to settle on one. The tattoo decided on still hasn't revealed itself in the comic-- but rest assured, it will! I wanted to give Izumi an outfit that reflected her commitment to her job as a police officer, but still had the fun and flare she deserved. I quickly came up with the final variant, which remains largely unchanged.
Izumi's final form! As a fun fact; originally the webcomic was going to have a watercolor-type brush for coloring, and use a ballpoint-pen-like-brush for lineart, but that was quickly changed for a more standard 'comicbook' look when production started. I still have a soft spot for this coloring style, though. It may come back.
"Gothcop" Arthur Bohler got the strangest set of clothes, it seems. The rule for him was that he had to look 'slightly unsettling'. I tried a number of clothing choices, hair styles, and even skin tones until I started picking up bits that I liked.
A few fun things that never seem to make it to the comic: Arthur has Aniscoria, so one of his pupils is forever expanded, and he has lavender eyes. Hilariously, neither of these things is in any way related to why he's a strange human being in general. He also has freckles, but given the size he usually appears at in the comic, it's a detail that rarely makes it in, if ever.
Series One's "final" version of Arthur Bohler. This one I liked a lot, but it had a lot of flaws that I didn't realize until production-- namely that I don't have a visual editor, and he has a LOT of details. I could forget a tattoo, his glasses (which I continuously forget, despite being a glasses-wearer myself), I'd regularly forget piercings and rings, it could just become a mess. to top it all off, Arthur was supposed to be biracial with darker skin -and if you directly compare his skin tone to Izumi or Calvin, his skin tone IS darker- but because of his darker clothes, he still looks very pale. I fixed this in Series Two, below.
For series two, the main goal was to simplify, simplify, simplify. I kept things i thought were necessary: his badge, his tattoo, a few jewelry pieces. I ditched the three timepieces (though I truly hated to, I loved the idea that he wore three watches for no known reason), darkened his skin tone to the degree it was supposed to be in the first place, and hid his belt with his shirt to hide the detailing on the pockets and belt, so I don't have to draw them every time he's on-panel. 
I kept the three-quarter sleeve shirt. That always strikes me as "weird".

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